MysoundMusic Playlist, United States

"Good song!Congrats on upcoming release. Exciting! Will gladly share it with my audience."

Gospel Artist,Noel Robinson, UK

"Great song ‘let there be a suddenly’ reallly good well done 👏🏾".

Nico Zwaneveld, {Groover}

"You have my support"

Conexão Magazine, Brazil {Groover}

Hi Moya! Her voice is incredible. I'm impacted. She is really very beautiful. Please invest in music and don't give up singing. And as for this new work, the track is really good too. I believe there is a lot to achieve. Look for the right audience and try to spread it as much as possible. Ah, media are very important to reach!

Dave Powers, United states {Groover}

Thank you for sending me your song. You have a great Gospel/Pop sound. Your production is really good too. I think if you just find the right the playlists that it will be VERY easy to get you onto them. I don't have a gospel playlist currently but when I do-I would add you. I wish you the very best.

BR Music {Groover}

We just loved the song! It has a great reggae vibe and is good to listen, brings something good! We gonna add the song to our playlist called "Good Vibes 2022" for 30 days

Music-Alive {Groover}

Hi Moya, we love your reggae sound!

Illegal Surprise {Groover}

Let there be a suddenly.. The words are well chosen, very touching. I pray God to protect you in your journey. Waiting to hear more of your worship songs.

Ron Murx {Groover}

This are my reviews after listening to the song. For the pitch of the song the transition of its tone from medium-high is good. It’s like there is energy when you hear the song, makes your mood happy and positive. The Dynamics of the song for me it’s like a transition from medium-soft which I like it and it was good and you will not be bored at all. For the Tempo of the song the upbeat was effective for me it's like you can dance and groove while listening to it. For the structure of the song the incorporation of the musical instrument was flawlessly blended to present an upbeat genre to the listeners. I love this song because I think when your in a bad mood you can just listen to it and you will brighten up and lighten up your mood. I'm adding this song because it will add flavour on to my playlist.


Your voice feels great, I really enjoyed hearing it your voice has a positive effect on the listener you have good skills and talent Be sure to send it to me on the day of the broadcast Good luck.

Hubb UK {Groover}

I really love this song, as a religious person myself this really speaks to me and makes me feel good. I cant say a bad thing about it as i really like it and as i said it makes me feel happy listening to it I will be happy to play this in a future show of our show unsigned and share it on social media.